Dirk Niepoort

Dirk Niepoort talks to Heine Johansen Dirk starting to make ordinary wine in an area before only thought for fortified wine, about making riesling in Germany, about the development of wine in Portugal and in Europe as a whole, and about tea!

Dirk van der Niepoort is one of the most iconic figures in port wine production today. In this interview with Heine Johansen, he talks about how his father did not support him in starting what became the table wine revolution of the Douro valley, about the traditions of port wine production and how he differs from other producers in the area. He explains some of the qualities of the different facing vineyards and also a bit about some of his other projects: riesling in Mosel and tea production! 

It is also interesting to hear him talk about what he thinks about the climate changes in Europe and how it affects the Douro. 

Words used: 
A pipe - English measure for a barrel between 350 and 600 litres. Now the average port wine pipe is 550 litres. 
Lagares - wide, shallow barrels for foot threading
Camelia Sinensis - the tea plant