Andreas Adam of A.J.Adam in Mosel

Andreas Adam talks to Heine Johansen about riesling, about the Mosel and wines from Piesport - and also a bit about the German systems of quality in wine.

Andreas Adam has just gone into his 21st year of winemaking, starting out as a young man. Keeping 5 HA of vineyards of historical reknown around the village of Piesport, he says he wants to make the wines so that it is the expression of the soil, not the man. We talk about some of his ideas on winemaking, on working the immensely steep hills of the Mosel and a bit about the history of the region. We get into wether it will have any effect that Klaus Petter Keller, the famous vintner in Rheinhessen, has just bought one of the premier sites in the area - and a bit about how there is a real tradition for quality distinctions of the vineyards in the Mosel, dating back from prussian times. 

We also talk a bit about how it is working closely with family and some of Andreas'es plans for the future.