José Pariente

Enrique Garcia Arribas from José Pariente in Rueda talks to Heine Johansen.

Enrique Garcia Arribas is the export manager for José Pariente. He tells the romantic story about the history of José Pariente and of the quality potential of the local grape Verdejo. We also talk about the new spanish wines and the future of spanish wine.

Tasting notes

José Pariente Verdejo 2018 
5 months on lees. Ripe fruit, peach, orange blossom and elder flower on nose. Medium+ intensity in mouth, medium acidity, medium bodied, medium length. Pleasant through tasting curve. 85p 

José Pariente Sauvignon Blanc 2018 
Apricot flower, wax, light note of fresh wood, some grass, lime peel. 84p 

José Pariente Fermentado en barrica 2016
Ripe fruit, joghurt, honey melon, apples, light spice tones. Medium+ taste intensity, medium acidity, medium+ body, fruity at beginning of taste curve, then the oak takes over. 88p

José Pariente Cuvée Especial 2014
Stony, peach, melon, white flowers. Medium intense taste intesity, medium acidity, medium+ body. Good concentration 90p

Apasionado de José Pariente
Gras, ripe goose berries, honey, flowers. Medium+ acidity, medium body, feels like drinking a kabinett. 80g residual sugar, 11% alc. 91p 

Prieto Pariente El Origen 2014
Strawberries, crushed raspberries, spice. Medium+ taste intensity, medium+ acidity, medium- body, low+ tannin. 90p

Prieto Pariente Los Confines 2015
Quite mute on nose. Some red fruit. Medium+ acidity, medium body, medium tannin. High concentration. Good structure. Wins on aeration. 88p

Recorded at Don Pippo in Bergen.
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